6 ways to determine your wedding style


Before you go pinterest crazy. 6 ways to determine your wedding style



Be true to you
Find a source of inspiration that reflects both of you. Pay attention to what clothes you wear, how you decorate, what you do for fun. They all hold clues to your personal style. Don’t be a copycat or follow the latest trends if that’s not you. 

Create a list
Make a list of adjectives that describe the feel of your wedding. Fun. Formal. Laid back. Traditional. Grand. Intimate. Romantic. Chic.

Determine you season
It can impact your style and provide inspiration.

Find a location that fits your vision
Your venue helps set the tone for your wedding style. Art galleries are modern and elegant. Barns are vintage and rustic and an outdoor garden feels romantic.

Narrow down your decorating theme
Your favorite movie,color, flower, season,hobby, heritage or vacation spot can all provide inspiration. 

Time of Day 
This could help determine if you want a brunch wedding or a late night dance party. 


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