1. Double sided clear fabric tape, scissors
2. Non-perishable, easy to eat protein (almonds)
3. Small water bottles with straws Anti-static spray and spot remover
4. Mirror, brush, comb, hair spray, bobby-pins, safety pins, straight pins
5. Container of small hard candy for maintaining blood sugar levels
6. Clear deodorant, facial tissues, sanitary items
7. Extra make-up, baby wipes
8. Teeth cleaning strips, mints or breath spray
9. Pain relievers, chewable antihistamines, blister band-aids
10. Full size sewing kit
11. Cell phone list of vendors & contracts
12. Lint roller for groomsmen
13. Money for last minute errands and tips
14. No sew adhesive velcro strips
15. Disposable ice packs for pulse points
16. Umbrella!


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