CAKES AS CENTERPIECES Some couples put the cake front &c center at the reception, but for others, that's just not enough! If cake is the way to your heart, share that love with your guests, with cakes as centerpieces. Have your florist add pops of floral to each cake, and BOOM—you've spread delicious color and whimsy throughout the room! And with a cake on every table, you can choose as many flavors as your cake-loving heart desires.

PLAY WITH YOUR CAKE Don't feel like you have to take your cake too seriously. A trend we love lately is couples using the cake as their opportunity to let their geek flags fly! From comic book heroes, to Game of Tlirones inspiration, Lego bricks, Star Wars—there are no rules. Your cake maker will jump at the chance to have a little fun along with you, and trust us, your guests will love it!

GO BIG Small cutting cakes have dominated the scene for a few years now, but big cakes are making a big comeback! Set out jti the center of the dance floor, your cake is one feature at your reception that can command the attention of all your guests. So why not go big with it? Make it stand out with sleek metallic icing (rose gold, anyone?), or make it stand up with multiple tiers and tons of floral.


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