You are getting ready to throw the biggest party of your life! And one of the biggest investments you'll make on your wedding day is the food. Good food not only anchors a great event but sitting down to a meal with all your favorite people in one room is a pretty special thing. At today's catering companies, the sky's the limit with the high quality of culinary talent. When meeting with your venue, you will need to determine if you need to use their in-house catering service or if you can hire your own.


IF YOUR VENUE REQUIRES THE IN-HOUSE CATERER Know that you will be in good hands. In-house caterers often work with the same people, know the idiosyncrasies of the event space and can provide you with a wide variety of meal options. To ensure that you will love the food served at your event, request a chefs bio, schedule tastings and/or get a demo from the chef himself in your home.


IF YOU HIRE YOUR OWN CATERING SERVICE With so many choices, it may help to consider a few factors in narrowing down your search. First, you should consider the number of guests who will be attending your wedding to establish your budget. Next, discuss menu options with your partner. It may be easier to decide on a chef or a catering company if you can agree on the type of food you would like to eat. Ask for referrals from friends who have gotten married or from those who've enjoyed food at an event or fund-raiser.


CULTURAL INFUSION If you are interested in adding a cultural theme to your cuisine, you may want to consider hiring the cooks and wait staff of an ethnic restaurant to provide authentic meals and reliable service at your reception. If you and your partner frequent a particular restaurant or follow a certain chefs innovations, you may want to contact the restaurants manager to negotiate private event details.


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