COUPLE ADVICE on Wedding Gown



1. Your dress and accessories are so important because all eyes are on you! Be confident in whatever you decide to wear and make sure you really love it.
Shante B. 8/6/16

2. Having your bridesmaids shoes match isn't a big deal. Let them choose and be themselves. If they are wearing floor length gowns, no one will see their feet anyway. 
Nicole B. 10/10/15

3. When selecting your color scheme for bridesmaid dresses, make sure it's a combination that will look good in both dreary and sunny weather. Two things you can't control are the sun and the clouds!
Maria U. 11/1/15

4. When budgeting for your gown, remember alterations, undergarments, shoes and accessories should be included and they add up fast! 
Traci B. 4/8/16

In the toughest times couples need to remember why they got together in the first place. Put your relationship first. Be open and flexible to change, adapt.
Maria, married 24 years

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