MARRIAGE ADVICE on Food&Catering



Rather than be irritated by differences, revel in them. Not a day goes by without my laughing so hard I cry at my husband’s making fun of something I’m doing. We tease each other a lot, it’s never mean- spirited. Doreen, married 20 years

Come across as more casual, offering family style portions for guests to customize their own dish. Both ways are acceptable, research and find your perfect match. John Mathias, Big Bash Caterers & Events

Bring your special dietary needs and restrictions to the table. Inform your caterer of your nut allergy or that you have a vegan preference as soon as possible. The more information about what you can or can’t eat, the better the team can cater oyoui paete. Linda Inzano, La Cuisine

Make your day the ultimate reflection of you. Guests will love the details and feel more connected when they realize your favorite song is playing during cocktail hour or when they see you snacking on your favorite late night munchie. They will say, “This is so them!” Ei^ica Ferreri, Chicago Marriott Southwest Burr Ridge

Serve at least four hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour. Offer an array of different options from lamb lollipops to mini grilled cheese sandwiches. Variety is key and is guaranteed to leave picky eaters finding something to enjoy.


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