You must obtain your marriage license in the county in which you will be married, according to Illinois law.

WHAT YOU NEED  When applying for an Illinois marriage license, you and your partner will each need to bring a valid id, proof of age, such as birth certificate or passport, any documents from previous marriages, and cash to pay your marriage license fee (approximately $30).

WHO MUST BE PRESENT  You both must be present to apply for your marriage license. After your ceremony, your officiant must sign your marriage license with a witness present before sending it back to the county.

WHEN YOU NEED TO APPLY  Most counties will not let you apply for your marriage license any sooner than 60 days before your wedding or any later than 24 hours prior.

WHERE YOU NEED TO GO  You need to apply for a marriage license in the county you will be married in, not in the county you live in.

HOW YOU SHOULD GO ABOUT IT  Before applying for a marriage license, the bride will need to decide on her name, whether she will take her husbands last name or retain her maiden name.


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