Must-ask W-day questions



How long is the appointment?
Who should I bring with me?
What should l wear?
How far in advance do I need to order my dress?
What's the adjustments fee?
How many fittings will I have?
When can I collect my dress?


What flowers are in season?
What notice do you need?
Can you install the flowers at our venue on the day?
Do you provide vases and containers, or will we need to?
What bouquet suits my dress?


What style of photography do you specialise in? Do you have insurance?
What happens if you're ill or your equipment fails?
When can we see the images?
Will we have a pre-wedding photo shoot?
Will there be additional travel/ accommodation/food costs? How long will you be there?
Who holds image copy right?


Wedding Dresses at Mialondon.