Engagement and wedding bling will put your hands centre stage, so make sure they’ve ready for the sparkle spotlight.

Think you can leave your wedding beauty prep to just a few weeks before the big day? Think again. As soon as your beloved proffers the ring that signals the beginning of your new life together, you better be reaching for the moisturiser, as friends, family and colleagues will want to see the ring that started it all. Dry cuticles and hang nails? Not on our watch. These simple tips will have your hands worthy of admiration.


Paying attention to your cuticles (the area where your skin meets the nail) can make all the difference for healthy, tidy hands.
Use cuticle oil daily to nourish and strengthen the area, which not only gives a more groomed finish but can also help with reducing infection around this delicate area.


Hands are the number one giveaway to signs of ageing,?says natural health and beauty expert Samantha Sargent of Energised Organics (energisedorganics.com). A daily application of hand cream is a simple way to minimise the signs of ageing skin on your hands, as well as ensuring the skin is smooth, soft and glowing?


We wash our hands a lot - at home, at work, in public places. Sensitive skin can react to heavy chemical cleaners, so if you notice your hands looking dry and dull, it might be time to try a gentle hand wash (and squeeze some into a small travel tube for your handbag). And it goes without saying: rubber gloves are compulsory for all household cleaning.


The skin on the top of your hands is particularly thin and prone to sun damage, Samantha warns. As well as applying sun block, find a hand cream that contains organic plant oils to help minimise sun spots, or one that is naturally high in vitamin E and other phytonutrients to help reduce the appearance of uneven skintone?


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