THE PREPARATION Keep your budget
Weddings can quickly grow costly, and it's tempting to short-change your honeymoon. Think about it though! This is your opportunity to put a pause on life and celebrate the commitment you made to each other. Be realistic when setting your budget and remember that you will more than likely need extra cash to spend on your vacation for keepsakes and souvenirs.

Create a honeymoon registry
Growing in popularity is a honeymoon registry. This allows guests to help with your out-of-pocket expenses while also providing an awesome, easy gift to give you for your wedding. Send a note in your save-the-date cards mentioning that you have a honeymoon registry wishlist. Items can include everything from lodging costs to activities you would like to do on your trip.

THE RESEARCH choose your destination
Start by writing independent wishlists. Take note of what you would like to see. what you would like to spend time doing and any dream trips you've always wanted to go on. Once youve made your lists, share them with each other and compare. Will your vacation be relaxing or active? Will it be on a resort or a ship? Planning your trip together will ensure that both of your wishes are met.

Look for hidden fees
Be aware that “all” doesn’t always mean all. If you are booking a honeymoon on a cruise ship or an all-inclusive resort, make sure you know exactly what's included before you make your payment Double-check transfers, taxes and gratuities, too.

THETRAVEL Prepare beforehand
You may know you need your passport but have you checked your medical needs and vaccination requirements? Some countries have illnesses that we don't see in the United States, and it is better to be safe than sick on your honeymoon.

Balance your activities
Mix adventure and relaxation. You will want to explore your destination and participate in exciting activities together. But you will also want to recharge and soak in the downtime before heading back to reality. Don't wear yourselves out, but plan enough to avoid boredom. Balance is the key for a perfect honeymoon.


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