Vendors Advice on Cakes



A big mistake couples make is ordering a wedding cake that is too small and hearing about it all night from their guests. Purchase a cake that will serve at least half the room. Three or four tiers are perfect for a guest list over one hundred, two tiers won’t cut it.
Beth Fahey, Creative Cakes

Take the weather into consideration.
If your outdoor wedding is in the midst of July, chances are it’s going to be hot and humid. Exclude meringue and buttercream, they will melt and make a mess. Ask your baker what your options are to assure your beautiful cake stands tall and intact throughout the reception.
Alicia Eisenmann, Delish Cakes

Check out the delivery details, coordination is key. Elaborate wedding cakes may be delivered in separate pieces and need to be assembled on location. Your cake may also need to be refrigerated prior to display. Confirm your venue has space and time for set up. 
Laura Cid Perea, Bombon Cake Gallery

Select fillings and flavors of your own liking. Don’t try to please the masses, treat yourself to whichever combinations you and your future husband enjoy most. It’s your cake and more importantly, it’s your day.
Sandra Brumfield, Sweet Nouveau

If having a sweet table, work closely with your bakery to determine how many pieces you need. Usually 3 per per person is appropriate.
Toni Cox, Toni Patisserie


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