Wedding Questions



Who provides the cutlery and tableware the venue, the caterers or us? 
Here at Dine, we believe this should always be the caterers as we are able to match up your chosen menus with the most appropriate glassware, linen, cutlery and china. Most caterers will have different options for you to choose from everything from elegant silver cutlery to special goblet glasses. Some venues do provide such things, so it's worth checking with them before you book your big day. Although it may seem like a minor detail of your wedding, even a simple wedding breakfast can require more than 18 individual pieces of china, cutlery and glassware per guest. So, it’s definitely something for you to look into.

I have a bob haircut at the moment and I'm getting married in a few months, but I have no idea how to style it. Please help! 
First of all, you need to take into consideration which accessories (if any) you will be wearing on your head aveil, a headband etc... If you are planning on wearinga headpiece, its probably best to keep yoi hairdo nice and simple. Gentle, tousled waves work perfectly with a bob and these can be created easily with heated rollers. Just remember, preparation is key!
I'd recommend having a hair trial before the big day (whether you are going into a salon or planning to do it yourself), just to make sure you are completely happy.

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