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I’ve always dream of having a princess dress, but I want one that?s not too fussy. Where can I find a dress with a happy medium? 

It is definitely possible to get a subtle princess-style dress that’s show-stopping,but still very elegant.I’d suggest choosing a classic gown with a soft, floaty, skirt and a simple bodice.This will give you a modern-day fairy tale look and you’ll be able to glide down the aisle feeling a million dollars.

We are having a festival-style field wedding and camping overnight. Will our guests be expecting us to hire tents or is it okay for us to ask them to bring their own? 

Most people don’t expect accommodation to be provided for them at weddings, but to avoid confusion, it very important that you make this clear on the invites. For example, you could say “Camping is welcome don’t forget your tent!” But remember, not everyone will fancy camping, so maybe offer suggestions of local B&Bs in case your guests fancy a little more comfort. That way you?re giving people options, but also making it clear that they are responsible for where they stay on the night. 


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