Welcome Your Visiting Guests



Sometime between making your guest list and ordering your invitations, you will need to make arrangements for your out-of-town guests. No. you won't need to foot the bill, but securing a couple hotels where your guests can choose to stay is a nice touch as they come to celebrate your wedding day.
When you are searching for the hotel, consider more than the price tag. Look at the hotel reviews, staff, amenities and the location in relation to your venue.
Most hotels will offer you a better rate if you are blocking a group of rooms. Include the hotel information and a “book-by" date on your invitations for your guests to refer to.

Have a welcome bag waiting for your guests when they arrive in their hotel rooms. Some things you may want to consider including in the package are simple things: toiletries, food items (especially locally made), mints and gum. Be sure to include a local tourism publication, maps and written directions to all events that guests are invited to attend. Having a list of close ATMs and gas stations is also a good addition.

While it's not necessarily expected, it is a nice gesture to invite guests who have made the journey to your wedding to attend the rehearsal dinner. For the day of your wedding, assign a friend (someone local) whom guests can contact should questions or needs arise.
Hospitality and generosity toward your wedding guests will go a long way to ensure your wedding is a weekend for everyone to remember.


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