Your Wedding- Gift Registry



Registering for gifts is a great way to let your guests know what you want or truly need for the next chapter in your life together. It also helps cut down on the returns you will have to make after the wedding. Here are a few basic tips to help you through the process.

Set up your registries soon after your engagement as friends and family will look to it for gift-giving ideas for engagement parties and showers. At least one of your registries should allow online purchases for guests who do not live in the area.

Before you register spend some time with your fiance thinking about items you could use the most - as well as the ones you already have. Plan on spending several hours cruising your favorite stores to pick out just the right items. Registering can be fun and create a nice break in the hectic wedding-planning process.

Register for items at several stores and pricepoints so as to give your guests flexibility in shopping. Include items that you need for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, but don't forget to include Mwanr items that you and your groom have always intended to purchase down the road.

If there is a rule of thumb on wedding gifts, this is it: whether the gift is what you registered for or comes from the gift-givers attic, always, always say thank you.”(Even if you are planning to return the gift.) Show you care by promptly sending notes: try to have them in the mail within a month after your honeymoon. Make all notes personal, and write them together. After all. you are a married couple now.


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